About Us

Bay Area Sound is an award-winning audio production company specializing in sound, music and voice for interactive media.

Why Choose Bay Area Sound?


With credits exceeding 150 titles, Bay Area Sound is truly an industry leader. While interactive audio services have been our focus for over 20 years, other production companies are just getting started. Our credits are filled with award winning titles where we were responsible for Sound, Music and Voice, inception through implementation.


In today’s competitive and demanding marketplace there is no room for mediocrity. We focus on originality and regularly record our own custom sound elements for a truly one-of-a-kind soundtrack. Bay Area Sound consistently scores high marks and our reviews are among the best in the industry.


Cloud technology enables our creative team to meet reliable schedules through clear, global communication across all project teams. Bay Area Sound truly takes the worry out of audio production, managing the entire process from start to finish so producers don’t have to.

Collaborative Approach

We respond individually to each project’s needs. While collaborating creatively and technically, we also help manage deadlines and budgets, integrating with the team to make your game sound as good as it looks!

Trust your next project to professionals who deliver excellence in game audio. Trust your next project to Bay Area Sound.