Gameumentary Interview with Jared Emerson-Johnson

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From Lucas Arts to Telltale Games, BAFTA nominated and award winning composer, Bay Area Sound’s Jared Emerson-Johnson gives insight into what it means to be a composer in the ever expanding video game industry, the blurring of lines between mediums, and sound’s undeniable role in storytelling.

“If you were a budding composer keen to work with a narrative in the past, the chances were that you would be seeking to work in film and TV. Over the years, however, games have blossomed as an avenue of interest for composers. These days, scores are incredibly important in building the overall texture of a game. It’s possible the industry is at a point where those that work on the sound and music of video games are not necessarily seeking to move up in the world to film and TV, but are challenged, involved, and enthused by the games they are working on.

One such composer is Jared Emerson-Johnson, whose connection with Telltale Games stems back to 2005, and who has been an integral part of their rise to fame, scoring hits like The Walking Dead and providing the building blocks for the enrapturing atmosphere of The Wolf Among Us, all the way through to his work on Guardians of the Galaxy, the first episode of which came out on Tuesday. We spoke to Jared about how he came to write music for video games, his continuing partnership with Telltale, and the differences between scoring games and scoring other media — as well as a whole lot more…..See the full interview at!

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