Studio Partners

Bay Area Sound does audio for all sorts of projects–games, movies, commercials, podcasts and audio books, often leveraging the awesome technology provided by our studio partners around the world in all the major cities.

Below is a list of partners we work with frequently (if you need to record in a city not listed, please let us know, we can happily set it up):




Los Angeles Area

New York City

North Carolina

San Francisco Area


Bam Studios

OkraTron 5000


  • VoiceTrax West

  • Studiopolis

  • Warner Brothers Studios

Pomann Sound

Groundcrew Studios

  • Fantasy Studios

  • Disher Music and Sound

Sound Kitchen Studios

“Serious Sound”

“Don’t settle for unsavory recording, cook up some tasty voices”

“The home of game immersive voice recording”

“Fast, friendly, reliable recording, and we know a heck of a lot about all things voiceover”

“We sculpt every project’s sound to enhance the story and emotion”

“Groundcrew’s award-winning studio has been providing stellar audio production in a creative and fun atmosphere”

“Celebrating the Art & Craft of Recording”

“Acoustically pristine environments deliver world class sound in a highly collaborative process”

“Sooner or later everyone ends up in the Kitchen”