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We hope your 2018 is off to a great start!

We know most of you are not sitting around wondering, “WTF is going on at Bay Area Sound?” But in case you are (or just want to take a break and read a nice article), Marty Mulrooney of Alternative Magazine Online was kind enough to write about our approach to Voice Direction and Production!

Marty describes how we do our part of the VO process, along with some terrific insights from leading actors! Enjoy!

– Bay Area Sound

“When you walk into a recording session you KNOW you are going to get the best damn directors in the business! And that is priceless.” – Melissa Hutchison

“The game can only benefit when we’ve taken the time to establish trust between actor and director, and then, in turn, the director and the rest of the team” – Yuri Lowenthal

“There’s just an immediate connection with this crew… I have offered to work for free if it meant that they would be directing, that’s how much I trust my performance with them.”  – Cissy Jones

“They really make you feel like part of a family…. they create this really warm, yet professional work space that really fosters a lot of artistic creativity and freedom.” – Jeff Schine

“Luxurious?… The BAS team (has) set a high bar for me as a voice actor. I’ve come to judge other directors by their high standard.” – Gavin Hammon

“Forget everything I said before about them being amazing. I was lying. The truth is, *sigh* THEY’RE MAGNIFICENT! Magnificent jerks that is… The only reason I can call them jerks is because they are family and I love jerks.”  – Shelly Shenoy

INTERVIEW – In Conversation With The Talent of Bay Area Sound
By Marty Mulrooney

Bay Area Sound is an award-winning audio production company that specialises in voice, music and sound for interactive media. Located in San Francisco, California, the studio has been active for over 20 years, with recent projects including The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead, Tales From the Borderlands and Firewatch. Alternative Magazine Online was therefore very excited – as well as honoured and delighted – to be given the opportunity to interview some of the talented individuals currently working at the studio, from both sides of the microphone! Read on to find out how audio magic is made at Bay Area Sound with faith, and trust, and a little bit of pixie dust…

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